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    EIHL Q&A

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    New booking system

    Does anyone know if anything more has been said around this? I book most weeks for a group of us but having a system where you don't have an account and can't use paypal is a real pain. I feel it's a bit of step backwards in terms of customer experience on the site. I appreciate it's not the...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Excuse the ingnorance, are we talking Schiestel here or a different Drew. I did try going back through the previous posts!
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    One signing new and one returning, who?

    Ackered and Ivan Matulik
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I certainly hope so and agree with your points above :)
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    Ok so a starter for 10. Anyone else get the feeling Lord might be on his way? I may be way off base here and really hope it doesn't happen but something about the weekend and some of the social media messages I've seen made me feel like it might be that time... It's going to happen eventually as...
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    CHL and flags

    Happy to support this and happy to say target hit
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    It genuinely saddens me to read something like this. Yes it hurts but we cant all win everything every year as nice as that would be. We can't doubt the owners, Todd, Lordo or any player. They've gone toe to toe with the best this league has to offer for 5 years and came within 5 pts from 5...
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    Will there be a highlight reel from awards at all?
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    2019 - 2020 Roster ...

    Are we not better leaving this until after the season has ended?
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    Penalty Shots

    I think the key thing to remember here is the PS conversion rate in the NHL is waaaay higher in large part due to the higher standard of ability. I am by no means knocking the ability of the players in our league/team. You can't have different rules for different leagues just because of the...
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    New signing at 3pm today

    Rutkis on a 2 way deal Good youngster so a good move. Was hoping for Reddick or Strachs so hopefully tomorrow will bring such joy :)
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    CHL Draw

    Do you think away travel guys will do anything for the Salzburg / Bern games? 6th & 8th Sept? Would be an awesome trip
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    CHL Draw

    Group G Vaxjo Lakers SC Bern Red Bull Salzburg Cardiff Devils
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    Monday night

    So how long do we have to wait to hear signing news If we can't go and is there going to be a transcript / video of the Lordo Q&A?