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The Inferno is an independent fan run website and forum, and since its launch at the start of the 2008-2009 season it has gone from strength to strength. Whilst we've always tried to maintain the site for free, it's reached a point where we can no longer comfortably afford to cover the site costs between ourselves. Match Night Live and the forums are seeing a lot of extra traffic, with Match Night Live regularly having 600+ visitors a game, and we're slowly reaching our hosting limit again. Short of shutting one service down to accommodate the other, the only other option is to go down the donations route.

We cannot offer incentives for those people that donate, other than a nice warm feeling inside, but we can say that the donations received will enable us to keep the website, forums and Match Night Live running.

There will be no forced donation/subscription system, the donations will be entirely voluntary and all funds will go towards the running of the site. We are also currently looking for sponsors. If your company would like to help us out we can provide homepage banner advertising.

To donate, please click the paypal link in the left hand menu.

Many Thanks

Chris and James