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Blighters Blog - Chris Blight

29 Aug 2012

This off season was a particularly long one for me. Last season ended on March 16 and I'm leaving for Cardiff on the 25th of August so quick math, 5 months. Normally I would have maybe 3 or 4 months tops and some years it was only 2 months when I made the switch from North America to Europe. Read More

Deeds Blog - Devin Didomete

28 Aug 2012

Throughout the summer I had many offers to go to numerous teams in many different leagues, both in North America and in Europe. Right before I made my decision I had an in depth chat with my agent as to what would be the best opportunity for me. After many talks with Franny my decision became more and more clear and I knew Cardiff was what was best for me. There were many factors that played into the decision I made, but none more than the fact that I saw how committed G and Franny are to putting together a team that can win a championship. It was also nice to know that the city of Cardiff and the franchise are both very well respected throughout the UK. Read More

Inferno - Player Blogs - The Inferno

28 Aug 2012

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