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1st Aug 2016 | Posted by The Inferno

Sean Bentivoglio

A new face for the Devils, Bentivoglio joins the team for the 16-17 season from Italian SuperCup Champions Asiago. We threw some Inferno style questions his way.  

The-Inferno - Firstly, welcome to the Devils! How have you found the welcome from the fans since your signing was announced? Twitter calmed down yet?

Sean Bentivoglio - Thank you! The fans have been great. Every time I checked my twitter account those first few days, I had hundreds of notifications.

The-Inferno - How and when did you get involved with ice hockey? We know you played with Joey Martins brother growing up, anyone else on the roster you have links from juniors with?

Sean Bentivoglio - I began playing when I was 6 years old. I played with Joey's brother JJ in minor hockey and also at the Jr level. I played against Lordo in college in a tournament there school hosted.

The-Inferno - Lord mentioned that he's been speaking to you for the past couple of seasons, what attracted you to the UK and specifically the Devils this season?

Sean Bentivoglio - Yes I have talked to him a lot over the past few years. While playing in Asiago, we played a few different teams from the UK and the fan support seems great. Everyone I spoke to in the hockey world had nothing but great things to say about the Cardiff organization and the city itself. It also helps that I know Joey and Scott Hotham. It always helps going to a new team when you know other guys. Looking forward to playing with them again this season.

The-Inferno - Have you had a chance to look at the league and other teams rosters yet? Any potential rivalries growing already?

Sean Bentivoglio - I do know a lot of players in the league, we will have to wait and see about the rivalries, I'm sure that won't take long. Haha.

The-Inferno - We moved into a new venue last year, but have you been given any indication/warned just what to expect from the home fans?

Sean Bentivoglio - Joey and Lordo have told me numerous times how great the fan support is there. I cannot wait to get going and play in front of the awesome fans in our home barn.

The-Inferno - And what's the best venue you've played in so far in your career? Have you been warned about the brick boards in Edinburgh yet?

Sean Bentivoglio - Best rink would have to be the Bell Centre in Montreal. Played there in a pre season game and it was sold-out and packed in warm ups. Have not heard about the brick boards?!?!?

The-Inferno - Some trophy laden years with Asiago, but what's been the proudest moment of your professional career so far?

Sean Bentivoglio - I would say playing my first NHL game in New York, something I will never forget. Also, the first championship we won in Asiago we finished 6th place and everyone counted us out, we went on to beat the 1st and 2nd place teams handedly and think we only lost 3 games all of playoffs.

The-Inferno - Can you give us an insight into what the fans can expect from yourself on and possibly off the ice? Have you set yourself any goals coming into the next season? Is it even possible to set goals coming into a new country and league where you haven't played before?

Sean Bentivoglio - Fans can expect me to give it my all every shift and never give up. It's tough to make goals in a new league... I would say anything less then the league championship would be disappointing though.

The-Inferno - Previous players coming from European leagues have described the language barrier only becoming apparent off the ice. Has that been the same for you? Will it make much difference playing in an English speaking country again?

Sean Bentivoglio - It will be nice to play in an English speaking league again. I agree with other guys as well, when your on the ice, it doesn't matter that much. It will be nice to be able to go out and speak English though.

The-Inferno - We've got a whole rake of warmup games this season! KHL (Medvescak Zagreb), Oberliga (Tilburg Trappers), Extraliga (HC Banska Bystrica) teams AND the Coventry Blaze from the EIHL. How does this compare to previous preseasons that you have played in?

Sean Bentivoglio - In past years we have played team from EIHL and Italian teams as well. This pre-season will be a great challenge for us and will help us preprare for the season.

The-Inferno - How would you describe the standard of the Italian league compared to where you have played before? Are you looking forward to playing in a more North American style league?

Sean Bentivoglio - Yes I am looking forward to playing in more of a north American style league. We have played teams from this league over the past years and I think the level is very similar.

The-Inferno - Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Is there anything you'd like to add or that we've missed?

Sean Bentivoglio - Just wanted to say Thanks again to all the fans for the warm welcome and I cannot wait to start the season. See you all soon. Cheers.

Thanks to Sean for taking the time for the interview and we look forward to seeing him lighting the lamp in the IAW.

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