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Stevie Lyle's Testimonial Update

8 Nov 2011

More Information on Testamonial Events

ENL Match Preview - Bracknell Hornets

3 Nov 2011

Will the Devils avoid getting Stung ?

Match Preview - Devils Vs Stingrays

3 Nov 2011

The " Group of Death" Challenge cup action

Game Preview - Devils Vs Panthers

1 Nov 2011

Coach Corey comes to town.. probably on a coach

Scott Matzka speaks to the Inferno

6 Oct 2011

We talk to Scott Matzka

Scott Dobben Speaks to the Inferno

6 Sep 2011

The Inferno Speaks to Scott Dobben

The Inferno Speaks to Sam Smith

31 Aug 2011

Sam Smith Q&A

The Inferno gets Frank with Frank

29 Jul 2011

Frankly speaking...

Devils do the Xmas Double

28 Dec 2010

Cardiff Devils 5 Coventry Blaze 1

Cardiff Devils Mount Puckmore

28 Nov 2010

Imagine we rebuilt Mount Rushmore with Devils players. Which 4 Cardiff Devils from history would you immortalise is stone?