Your first game and your thoughts!


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Always interested to hear of people’s first game, but more intrigued to understand what they thought of the whole thing. Here’s mine:-

Home game v Slough Jets while we were in the Heineken era (year before we were promoted to the top league).

Was basically mooting around Cardiff with some mates and saw this massive queue outside the WNIR. Got talking to a chap in the queue and he explained there was a game tonight! Decided to queue up and get a ticket to see what the fuss was about with one of my mates (whilst the others decided the call of the beer was more important - poor call). Didn’t have a clue what to expect, didn’t even know the rules! Had a standing ticket at the cafe end right next to the Slough fans. Great atmosphere building up to face off and the place was rammed. Never seen anything quite like the intro before, so was looking forward to seeing how the game planned out. Slough fans were very loud, but also quite funny which was entertaining. Enjoyed the first period, but recall thinking why so many of the players were doing all the work (the imports) and majority of the others were just taking it easy on the bench :)

Great game, we won, I think it ended 5-4 or something like that - thought the whole thing was a bit mental but although I didn’t have a clue whether I just watched something amazing, mediocre or poor, was immediately hooked. It all made a lot more sense after getting a book from the library and reading the rules (no internet in those days). :)


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Hand on heart my first game was the Devils v Panthers bloodbath in the mid 90’s. The 94/95 season wasn’t it? My dad was a teacher and he was given a few free tickets for the match. As it was our first game we assumed all that fighting was normal, it wasn’t until we spoke to the people around us that we realised that bench clearances were rare.

The first game I went to that resulted in me becoming a regular was in the first superleague season. It was against Newcastle Cobras in November 96 and I think we won the game 5-4 with Steffen Ziesche scoring two. I was hooked after that match and I went to most remaining home games that season. I loved those superleague years, although we only won 2 trophies in in those 5 years we were generally one of the better teams and should have won 5+ trophies in my opinion.


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My first was a telford game. cant remember the date, .WOW. the rivalry between devils v telford in those days was as it is today v giants, steelers, telford had the dogs bollocks in star players at that time kevin conway , tim salmon a big catch for telford, and devils were just putting a team together but boy did we match them. the atmosphere was incredible at the old wnir plus the warm ups were amazing fans singing trying to better each other , pretty sure we lost that game but boy i grabbed a fixture list that night and penciled in all the telford home games that season, as it went on that season and going into the next devils were getting the upper hand on some of the so called bigger teams, durham, murrayfield, even fife were classed as a top team all those years ago. and lordo.. kevin conways son played for GB i think and if he is half as good as his father grab him while you can..