Upcoming season thoughts


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Rates.. electricity... phones... it... maintenance... salaries.. pensions... professional fees... insurance.... security... lease payments... tax... cars... FM contracts...

The list is long.


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My point was the potential one yr of wages that would be close to £100,000, with little income. I was responding to comments the Devils don’t have any outgoings.
All those tasks still don’t come close to the daily activities of a fully operational team pre Covid.


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Not surprised, last month they were encouraging us to go back to the pubs and eat out to help out, go back to gym, school and Uni. Don't work from home anymore and go back to the office because Pret A Manger were struggling to sell overpriced sandwiches. Now they're blaming the country because the cases are rising.
I get your sentiment and completely share your frustrations with government handling of this, BUT what people need to understand is this: cases were ALWAYS going to escalate to similar levels - if not worse - as we witnessed earlier in the year, purely because of the time of year we're approaching.

That is precisely why I have said several times on here throughout this situation, the idea we would ever get hockey back this year was a ridiculous to make and absurd for the league to plan towards. We will be lucky to live in a world without any social distancing measures at any point in 2021.

The Devils, league and sport as a whole are going to experience major hardship in coming months. It has really annoyed me that the focus has been on whether we will get a season or not, and not what can be done.

I first wrote about this back in April and the lack of contingency planning which we're hearing about from the league as a whole is seriously worrying. I sincerely hope that behind the scenes some serious consideration and planning has taken place to safeguard the league and its teams.
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