Upcoming season thoughts

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Just having a think about the upcoming season. How will CHL fit into date of league potentially starting ie. Will the players fly in some time in September,
play the CHL and hang around until season starts, fly back home or will the CHL be delayed as well?


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CHL will be delayed another month I reckon. Germany has banned sports including ice hockey until November and they have 4 CHL spots I think.
I reckon we will fly players in during November, play the CHL games and then have pre seasons against other EIHL teams until magic 5 weekend starts.


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For me Magic weekend would be a Miracle weekend, I just can’t see that happening, to get a season at all will be something else without a Disney tournament beforehand.


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I would say like Wannabe the "miracle weekend" will definitely be a non starter.
We'll be lucky if a game with 2 teams in one venue will be allowed let alone a whole league in one venue with all its supporters.
Glad I got the refund when it was offered as didn't fancy the alternative weekend anyway.


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I'm not sure.
Had a concert booked for October and got cancelled last week until Sept 2021 .
Had a show booked for Millennium Centre in Jan 2021 and got cancelled a months ago without a future date.
Got a concert booked for Dec and a Show booked for Feb 2021 but still going ahead at the moment.


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My point is we are 2/3 months away from the start of season.
Iam positive we will have one
I think that we have to be careful not to fall into the trap of believing we're on an ever improving trajectory. A number of places have gone backwards with their efforts, and I'm yet to be connected that there won't be another lockdown in the autumn.