Tom Parisi


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Good luck to him,whatever his reasons were he didn't feel right when he came here maybe he needed a break from the game and it also took balls to go to Lordo and tell him once he'd arrived ,good to see him back in the game and best of luck to him.
Reading of his and others treatment by the Canadiens organisation i understand why he was pissed off.
He would have been better off in Europe i believe and may have got his mojo back sooner.
Still good luck to him.


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He was a very highly rated guy with people and some of the canadians organisation but when not given his chance when he should've maybe he had a right to be pissed off with them and the game ,the guy is obviously talented as he wouldn't have got that far in the game ,I hope he does well and has found his love for the game again.


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I hope he finds his mojo again and he’s successful. It’s a shame it didn’t work out with us - but there was no guarantee it would have anyway (we’ve seen lots of promising players fail to live upto their reputation). At least he was honest and didn’t jump into another team elsewhere.
Maybe he realised what life would be like in the 'real world'. Getting a job. Paying bills. I am sure it was an easy decision for him: 'Screw this!! Actually forget what I said. I am gonna go back to playing hockey!!'
You are right there he is one of the top offensive D men in the ECHL in several categories.
He is so bad he has signed a PTO with the Belleville Sentors of the AHL.Seems like he has got his mojo back.Looks like Lordo was right about this guy shame he didnt stay with us.
Part of his success may be due to his linemate Jaynen Rissling well known by some devils players.
As a matter of interest one of his team mates has signed for the Vaxjo Lakers.
Ice hockey agents etc seem to have eyes everywhere.