Storm Vs Devils - 15 Dec 18 - League


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I know you have a vendetta against him but give it a rest, why do you think it would be a ban? As it was not clear on the webcast I am assuming you are here and actually saw it....
If your view is the same as the BBT, then it’s probably clearer on the webcast. Looked like kneeing to me but the actual point of impact was just missed on the main camera.


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Frustrating period of hockey, the officials are not helping the flow with a string of infractions identified and penalised but the main problem looks to be the ice which is horrible tonight. We should have enough to win but.... the Storm are no mugs


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It was called 5 + Game for interference at the rink. Not there but a few friends are.

I think after the last couple of weeks this is a good outing for us. Particularly like Joey getting his eye on the SHG.


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After last nights’ debacle, I thought we’d win tonight, no doubt the players having been read the riot act by Lord/Kelman. It was a much better effort all around, we even defended ourselves and our team mates tonight! A somewhat scrappy game against an ill disciplined Storm team but a much needed 2 points. Just a shame we’re out of the cup though and a real costly financial hit for the club. Still can’t quite get my head around such a poor performance last night.


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We're out of the cup and nothing will change that now so let's bask in tonight's victory and keep focus on the league, after all its only the league that leads to CHL.


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never in doubt, i should be coach i stated a 7. 2 win for storm and obviously the devils read my post, and shows what we can do with a few fights to blow the cobwebs away...oh no, dundee next HOME


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It's a bit refreshing to see all the league teams have some short but good little runs... Dundee's have ended long live the Clan... until January then who's next for an inform run of games?

Awesome 2pts behind in the league and 2 games in hand. looking forward to the highlights.


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Giants lose, Sheffield shut out on teddy toss night, 2 points behind with 2 games in hand. What a difference 24 hours makes, and how many times have we said that already this season.

The way some people talk, this season is already finished. A few wins and we'll be league leaders. Says it all.