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Steelers webcast has been increased to £15, that’s a 50% hike on the price, now their webcast is very good,but come on £15 is pretty outrageous, hopefully people won’t pay it and it will reviewed.


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£15 is a bit of a joke, just hope other teams don't put prices up.

Won't be using the steelers webcast anymore I'll stick to using twitter for away games.


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I would have bought today’s, to watch Sunday’s opponents and how the Steelers are fairing, but I won’t be paying that price. This games admission price is £5, so the webcast is 3 times the admission price, come on that’s ludicrous.


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I’m happy to pay £10 for any webcasts around the league. I won’t pay £15 though, ridiculous price - especially since quite often you get problems with the feeds etc (including Sheffield). They won’t be getting my money this year at that price level.
Wow! That’s a very steep price! Being a regular webcast customer to all the away games I hope all teams don’t follow in their footsteps because that’s too steep a price I couldn’t justify spending unfortunately.

Possibly having to raise their webcast fee to cover the overspend on the team....


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It would be interesting to understand their reasoning for this hike in price. Maybe they need to raise the price as the money spent on the team was more than the budget allowed? Maybe they have new equipment and therefore need to recover some of the outlay?

One thing’s for sure, they will lose some customers.

I would argue that £10 is steep when for £9 (was £8) you can watch a whole day’s sport through NowTV. IcetimeTV was initially £6 when they were trying to get fans to watch it; it then wen to £8 and eventually a couple of seasons ago to £10.

I think for the camera coverage and having lost John Donovan £6 would be a fair price.


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I'd rather a free radio broadcast than pay more than a fiver. Even better would be to be able to have Match Night Live return - that's one very valuable service to fans and families alike, and very much missed.


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yeah, id say £10 is the max it should be. i would like a live radio broadcast, why isn't there any. they could sell advertising that way also. and keep it free. the sound of the game atmosphere would encourage people to get game tickets to watch them live.


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The way to stop it is for everyone to boycott their webcast until they see sense. If people don’t pay it, they’ll revert back to something more reasonable. £15 is outrageous but people need to stop buying it or it will remain.
I think it maybe a case of encouraging fans to the rink for the pre-season games so that they sell out. The Devils were pretty empty on some of our games and they didn't reduce their ticket prices to £5 as someone has stated the steelers have. Maybe they have temporarily increased the link purely to draw any fans in to the rink that may have considered just having a BBQ in the nice weather, couple of beers and watching the game at home. It would have made sense to bring the family to a game for a similar price than the webcast cost and that way increased their attendance. Just a thought but maybe good business. Or it could be a case of the webcast costing a small fortune to run and as its a warm up game they didn't think they would get to many viewers other than the very dedicated and therefore increased the price in the hope of recovering those costs.
Either way.....very ludicrous and ridonculuss price and I would hope for their own sake and benefit that they reduce it going forward otherwise it will have a similar number of viewers as the current series of Jeremy Kyle.


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Some Steeler fans believe it was increased to £15 to encourage more fans to attend the game which was only costing £5. Not sure that makes sense but happy if it’s correct.