Steelers vs Devils - 30 Nov 19 - League


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Huge game for both teams this Saturday, Steelers have played 4 more games than us, but have scored 41 more goals, and conceeded 14 more. Our defence need to be rock solid, and our forwards need to be firing on all cylinders, they will be on a high at the moment having just spanked the Giants 5-0, and probably a huge crowd cheering them on. Was hoping for a real character comeback last Sunday, after last Saturday but we all know what happened there, so can this team dig deep and show what they are really about, and turn the clock back a few months, or are we on another hiding, answers on a postcard please. So a quick message to our lads, we have been there for you, we have answered the bell , we have done our bit to try to be the extra man and raise the spirits, now it’s your turn it’s a two way process, we will be there for you, but you NEED TO BE THERE FOR US.
this is going to be a hell of a game coming up , 2 hot goalies but bowns'y cant do it all on his own. so the team needs to turn up. this is going to be either a low scoring game or completely one-sided. they better make sure that bowns'y has his water bottle ar hand. he's going to need it.


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looking at steelers last night they look hot without 2 imports, we are in the same situ.. be happy with ot point after last weekends shambles but hey ho we played steelers twice and won twice so hopefully some rockets were left from nov 5th and put where monkeys put their nuts and the players respond to it...Big games this weekend, lets do this...


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Don’t know how to call this. The team on paper shouldn’t be this crap, whatever has caused this needs to be resolved first, without knowing what that cause is, it’s impossible to predict.

Cardiff Devils play —————— 2-3 win to Cardiff.
Cardiff Clowns play —————- 8-1 loss.


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Yes Devils have beaten Steelers this season. We are forgetting that it was when Vallerand(league top scorer):was out, and the time before that, way back, Steelers were on a losing streak before Fox took drastic action to bring in impact players.

This weekend, unfortunately , I see yet another totally defensive game from the Devil's as they attempt to contain the sheer awesomeness of Steelers' forwards and try break out of their own defensive zone to mount an attack themselves. They will have to play for 60 minutes, relentless forechecking and hassling.

On paper, our own team has such quality in the forward ranks. But the reality right now is that they are not performing for whatever reason......carrying injuries, poor tactics, poor execution, lack of confidence.

The team as a whole needs to overcome these issues, develop some iron courage and hate the prospect of losing so much that they will play together, for each other, like their lives depended on it, each one knowing his role. The hatred of losing should completely overshadow the fear of it.

Play like that and who knows what might happen.
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If we play like we did last weekend Devils 2-8 Steelers

If the boys finally find their feet and play as well as the stats say they are I reckon we'll snag an ot win

But we are lacking masi and Benti for Saturday as well if memory serves me correct.

It's gonna be a frustrating game for fans of the Devils don't come out firing in all cylinders.
Time for the players to stand up and be counted. With two imports suspended,the rest of the imports need to stop hiding and step up to the plate. I won't have a go at any of our brits , the so called 4 th line is giving it everything every shift. Batch and browns are playing out of their skin , embarrassing most of the imports for work rate and effort. So our top 3 lines need to start playing and earning their wages .we don't have the right to win games ,but we as paying fans do need to see effort from our players , and we do have the right to be entertained. Now let's get at them and play for the badge
I'm sure there have been done harsh words during training sessions this week, but I'm not sure it's enough. The fact that we seem to give every team at least a couple of goals start means that we could end up paying catch up tonight. We're never going to win a completely offensive game against Sheffield. Frankly I see another zero point weekend with the normal post match platitudes. I hope I'm wrong and this is just me being excessively pessimistic though.


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Here's hoping we win, but if not I'm prepared with my Inferno Forum meltdown essentials for an evening of interesting reading:-
1. Popcorn - Check.
2. 2 Litre Coke - Check.
3. Tin of Quality Street - Check.
4. Pre-chilled Lager - Check.
I’m not expecting a forum meltdown tonight, unless we get absolutely hammered. I’m not expecting a Devils win, but then again, we may well do that if we turn up and play the right way. You just never know with this team.