Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2018/19


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Rumours only!

If it's confirmed on a clubs website it's not a rumour! Use the signing thread that will be up and running soon.

If it's a confirmed Devils signing, use the thread HERE

If it's a confirmed signing for another club, then use the thread HERE

Let the offseason chaos commence...​
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THF is a resting place for MKL and Guildford Flames fans mainly. All the talk is about their teams!

I did read on there that Jesse Craige to the Devils was one rumour from the Flames' fan base.

And , on the Cage, Panthers' fans think Evan Mosey to the Devils based on our club's previous interest in him.
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Core of our team will return. Can see crowder and Paris not returning, 1 or 2 retirees possibly lose fournier and Bowns trying their hand in a better league


rumour of Russel having Murdy as starter for Clan next season. It'd be great to see him take the step to starter.


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rumour of Russel having Murdy as starter for Clan next season. It'd be great to see him take the step to starter.
I think that would be a good move for Murdy, although would be disappointing to see him leave. He needs more ice time than he’s had here.
If it does happen, I hope we go with an import nettie with Bowns, which will take some pressure off him and potentially lighten his workload a little.


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just on the elite league banter page...Steelers release

ervins mustukovs
jonas westerling]
andrea valdix
joonas ronnberg
colton fretter
tim wallace
matt marquardt
andreas jamtin
zack fitzgerald

didnt mess about


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Wouldnt take any ,in fairness the steelers fans said a while back they thought fitzy was going,something obviously happened between him and the "excuse" otherwise known as thommo sat him out for games ,maybe he didnt like the fact fitzy was liked more in sheffield than him.


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I'd take Fitzy instead of Paris if he moves on.
Not for me. Paris is more what we need in my opinion. I see Fitzy giving away needless penalties mainly due to his temperament but also his fitness is an issue.

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Fitzy had a tough year with injuries. If he’s fully fit, I think he could do a job for most teams in this league still.


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I would be surprised if Fitzy is retiring, however who knows what a toll his play has had on his body. Curious to know who would want him here.


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I like Fitzy. He is a decent player and is as tough as anyone in this league and is an absolute warrior for his club. The outpouring of anger and disappointment from Steelers fans at his departure tells a story.