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Block 19 now on sale if anyone still needs tickets.... according to Twitter there are less than 250 tickets left for each day which is a decent effort


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Hope it never goes back to the club. Two years running, we ordered our tickets on the first night they were up for sale. Both times, we were told we were within the first fifty to order our tickets. The first year we were sat 2 rows from back row and after asking the second year if we could be low down because of my mums bad health , we were told yet again, they would sort something out because we had ordered so early and it shouldn't be a problem, 4 rows from the back. We knew people who ordered on the last night available through the club, who were sat about 12 /14 rows in front. Very unfairly done . Can understand that people organising are going to help some friends out with tickets. Fair enough, but you don't expect to be in the first 50 two years running and be sat right at the back.
Out of interest what years was this?
Many years ago when I was part of CDSL I was witness to the time and effort Mags and co would put into playoff tickets and how much work they did to ensure everyone got what they wanted. Or at least as much as they could (so many people wanted aisle seats!!)
Not that they got much help from the NIC. The NIC would group all the bookings together, regardless of how they were supposed to be organised.
So one year the tickets arrived and all the child tickets were together. Then all the concessions. Then the adult tickets. So any families that had booked had been split up. It would have been chaos had Mags and co not organised people to swap around etc.
Roughly about ten to twelve years ago. I can appreciate how hard it was for the ladies who were doing the hard work especially Mags who was always very kind when we put our request in. All I am saying is that only 2 years we made special requests , through someone not being too well ,and both times we were sat at the back. Thought it would of at least been first come, first served but it was nothing like that both times. To see someone who had booked the last night with no special request sat way in front doesn't seem fair to me. We took it as an error the first year, but very disappointed when it happened again. So hopefully, at least the way it is done, we have at least got a chance of decent seats. Just, certain clubs obviously need more given to them. Surely they can see that after this year and hopefully they do something about it. Wasn't having a go at the girls in any way but that's how it worked for us sadly.