POFW tickets (here we go again)


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7 blocks at least will have some tickets going when 7 teams won't get to the weekend. If Nottingham and Sheffield fail to make it then that will be 12 blocks. Yes i know not all the seats will be up for grabs but allot. For me nothing worse than being at a tournament your team aren't playing in.
How many supporters will spend money on travel, hotels and spends not to watch their team play?
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Last year we had great tickets, this year... well, at least we have tickets. Long time since I’ve watched from this far back but I’m also (slowly) learning to appreciate the different experience afforded by viewing from different seats.

The online purchasing experience itself was relatively painless.

For me POFW is the UK hockey event that I want to be at every season, regardless of who is playing. It’s different when Devils are there... and very different when they are winning ... but much less stressful when they are not. I’m trying to think of any match-up where I would seriously want them both to lose...

Unless (until?) they start putting a massive premium on front row seats, I can’t see much changing. I suspect all of the EIHL teams are heavily reliant on a core group of local supporters, so I don’t really blame them for ticketing policies that bias towards that group. Everything is wrong from some point of view.

As always, the biggest frustration is likely to be the number of empty seats at a reportedly ‘Sold Out’ sports event.


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I wouldn’t for one. That’s not to say I don’t think we will be there , but if the sky fell down and we didn’t make it, I wouldn’t go,
This isn't meant to be a criticism and sorry if it comes across as such, but I really and truly don't understand why people do this (and many do).

It's a great weekend. Never had a bad one in about 10 years of going.
Even those three consecutive years of heartbreak in the final, or the one year we didn't even have a chance of getting there.
Still went, still enjoyed the hockey, still enjoyed the craic.
To take all that trouble to get up and queue for hours at stupid o clock in the morning, get tickets then not go after all ?

I genuinely don't get it !


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My reason is two fold, firstly if I didn’t go I would save at least £500, so would put that towards a holiday in the sun, secondly myself I probably would watch the final on tv, even though I am not terribly bothered about two neutral teams. When I have gone in the past if we have lost in the semis, I have come home Sunday morning, and gone out for lunch and had a beer or two. I totally understand people go whatever the situation and it is a good weekend in fairness, but if my team ain’t there, then neither am I.


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I agree with Wannabe. For myself the weekend (Sat/Sun) will cost at least £700 for 2 adults and a child and that's without the tickets. I couldn't justify spending that amount to not watch the team i support, i can't watch teams that i don't have a interest in.
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In case anyone is remotely interested.... availability for the final is currently as follows:
Belfast 5
Cardiff 16 (in overflow)
Coventry 9
Dundee 31
Fife 0
Glasgow 4 (in overflow)
Guildford 1 in main (14 in overflow)
Manchester 15
Milton Keynes 14
Nottingham 11
Sheffield 121
To whoever sent me a message for 2 adult tickets the answer is yes but will have to give a number to ring. Not good on here and can’t find your message now