Playoff Weekend


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If I didn’t have a hotel booked (non-refundable) and it was booked pre-lockdown when the season got cut ending it short, then I wouldn’t go to the playoffs either. So it’s going to cost me money I didn’t want to spend (I had a concession ticket before) .. But hey ho, I will just have a drink or 4 in Lloyd’s bar to take the edge off having to pay these extortionate prices!
This is my situation exactly, and why I'm going as planned.
The post earlier about people buying a ticket because they're happy with the price rise is way off the mark.
The scrapping of child / concession tickets is a disgrace.
No explanations either.
The league should be ashamed of themselves.

See you in Lloyd's !!!


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I'm giving it a miss this year, unless I can grab a final only ticket if the devil's make it....

Still expecting the league to confirm Sundays final face off is 2pm on the Monday, gates opening 7pm on the Tuesday and tickets valid only on the day of purchase.
Anyone heard anything about how many tickets have been sold? Seems that ourselves and Sheffield didn't sell many either. Waiting for EIHL to update us!


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My prediction, sales to date:-

Dundee 12
Flyers 3
Blaze 17
Guildford 6
Belfast 42
Manchester 1
Clan 31
Panthers 1,255
Steelers 780
Devils 450

It’s going to be bouncing !!!!!!


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I have just been on the Motorpoint arena website to have a look at what seats are left in Nottingham blocks but you can't even choose your seats from a plan, they were just allocated to me. When i bought the 2019/20 tickets i went on there and bought Devils seats from a seating plan.
I don't think i missed the seating plan option.