Playoff Weekend

Have put a poll on Twitter to see how people are feeling about attending and copied all the clubs in. See if it makes a difference to decisions on ticket pricing but very much doubt it


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Having paid for hotels up front at increased prices are we not trapped to carry on with the
Play Off weekend ? £120 compared to £86 last time is unrealistic. Shameful even!
As a concession qualifier my ticket last time was only £66!
I console myself in that we have not done a holiday in years, we don’t smoke, my other half does not drink and Devils ,if they continue as they are ,should be there!
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Not sure how will be able to get tickets as I work Fridays as does the wife. Earliest I could leave Pembrokeshire would be 7PM so would get to IAW 9pm which is suspect would be too late for the allocation. Feel a bit gutted really. At least if was on the website would have a fighting chance of getting tickets.


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The article on the Devils Website say they’ll be selling the tickets via the Devils Office! Anyone know exactly what that means? Presume they mean at the rink?


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The article on the Devils Website say they’ll be selling the tickets via the Devils Office! Anyone know exactly what that means? Presume they mean at the rink?
Think it's a phone up to get tickets deal, though with restrictions being changed they might have people queue up around the top of the arena for them.


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I'm not going to go on principal. Throw in the cost of hotel, fuel, eating, drinking on top of tickets for two people and it easily runs into hundreds. Imagine trying to take a family?? Sorry, I can't justify that for two days of hockey.

Also, between the Devils and the arena you're talking a total of £10 per person (not transaction) just in 'booking fees'. I appreciate there are some costs incurred through the admin and transaction/banking process, but £10 per person, really? Come on.

This isn't football, it's a minority sport and when fans who're already engaged with the sport start turning their back and feeling disillusioned, it becomes a slippery slope.

I understand the need to maximise revenue after the last couple of years, but if they price out fans it creates its own problem.

Maybe the increase in pricing will be reflected in ticket sales.


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I’d be interested to know how ticket sales have gone today for those teams who purchase directly from the rink.

After three years without the playoffs I think we all needed this one more than ever but the EIHL have been too greedy this year. It’s hard to justify those costs when I can watch on the tv for a fraction of the cost. I’ve taken the rise in season ticket cost (by £50 if my calculations are correct!) on the chin but I cannot accept the playoff ticket prices. After a couple of years of everyone standing by our teams to keep them and the league going this is a disrespectful move by them.
I wouldn't be surprised if there's an element of price gouging by the venue. I follow a few musician podcasts and it seems the demand for touring artists is so high that it's a bit of a seller's market for those with space to hire.


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Reading the cage forum it seems that in previous years the council may have either gifted the arena to the EIHL or given it at a subsidised cost. That may be incorrect and if that was the case previously it may not be the case this year. However, if that is the case, the league would be set to make a fortune if there’s a full arena.


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I might be wrong here but I'm sure Nottingham City Council had a sponsorship deal in place for POFW, where the arena was available at reduced cost due to the tourism it brought in for the weekend.
It's been in place since about 2009 I think.
Maybe there's no deal anymore and the league has to pay full whack now ?

Not saying fans would necessarily be placated by any explanation but the league owes us that much surely ?
Reports from Nottingham arena (someone working there). Says only about 900 tickets sold today across all the teams that are buying online. That’s shocking I thought they meant Panthers blocks. But no the whole lot. There’s 42 of us that club together come playoffs who are not going this year.