Players who didn’t play here long enough


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Okay guys here one for you, so many players who didn’t play here long enough, but you can only pick one each, and that’s one each, it’s a tough call my personal chose is Dennis Chasse, who is yours.


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I think Chasse got injured during his time with us and struggled a bit the 2nd half of the season. The Chasse that played for Bracknell tho was outstanding. Similar case with another ex Bracknell player, Blake Knox. We didn’t see the best of him as he was coming towards the end of his career but he was excellent for the Bees.
We’ve had a similar question on here before and it’s Martin Lindman for me. Outstanding defenceman


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Jesse Mychan. Was only 22 when he joined us and feel he would of had loads more to give
Franny said on the podcast that Mychan’s attitude wasn’t great when he came back from injury and couldn’t get back in the team. I think that explains why Jesse didn’t return. To be fair to him he was young at the time so he’d possibly react differently if it was now. I think he was a decent player on the ice tho


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Probably Jeff Ulmer.
9 games
9 goals
9 assists.

Would have loved to see him in a Devils jersey for at least a full season.
(At that time anyway, before anyone mentions his spell with the Clan !)


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I will go with Steve Cadieux but a honourable mention to Rick Kowalsky
I was a bit surprised Kowalsky’s name wasn’t mentioned on the ‘Behind the bench’ podcast when this topic was discussed. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t mentioned anyway. He only played half a dozen B&H cup games for us and then got injured. He put up very good numbers before and after his brief stint with us. I think he’s sometimes forgotten about because the players that came in after his departure that season all did well (ahlroos, Zima, Poulsen) if Kowalsky stayed fit I think he’d have scored a lot of points for us.