Off Ice Officials- what do we do


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To answer a question on what we do on match nights, the following is a summary of key duties:

Official Scorer-Clare
> Pre-game collects signed team sheets from respective coaches
> inputs all required information into Official EIHL documentation
> during game records all calls made by officials including penalties, goals and assists, records official time of all these events
> confirms time players are allowed out of penalty box
> informs Todd of the penalty calls, goals and assists for announcement to spectators
> records details of any video reviews and submits to EIHL
> post game ensures official game sheet is correct and signed off accordingly

Official Timekeeper- Nic (deputy-Kipper)
> runs clock for warmup
> starts and stops the clock on each whistle
> displays correct score, penalties, SOG etc on clock

Match Night Live- Aron
> records all events on EIHL match night live system including goals, penalties, face off wins, game time

Video Review-Kipper ( deputy-Zach)
> pre game ensure system is working correctly including all three camera feeds and inform both teams, match officials and EIHL accordingly
> during game note any potential incident close to goal the referees may need to review
> double check scorers and assists if possible and plus/ minuses
> assist in identification of face off contestants and winners
> ensure referees/linesmen have what they need ie towels/ tape / water etc
> ensure officials know when they need to return to the ice after period breaks

Penalty Box Assistants- Corky and Nigel (deputy Kipper)
> ensure penalised players serve exactly the correct amount of time in the penalty box

Goal Judges- Janine and Gary (deputy Kipper)
> record shots on goal
> turn on red light if puck enters the net
> assist with plus/minuses

Holding up numbers- Kipper
> counting with Kipper for televised games

Hope this helps understanding

Paul Sullivan

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I'm sure every Club would say this, but we have simply the best off-ice team in the League. It's like a well oiled machine and aside from that, everyone really is a team and gets along. This is also evidenced by the number of different roles they can all perform (as per Kipper's post above).

Certainly have some fun conversations over the phone with the Box during the course of the season and they make mine, and Todd's jobs far easier than they could be otherwise.


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There is so much that goes on behind the scenes on a games night and those officials do a amazing job with everything that has to be watched and coordinated. They're a credit to the devils organization


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I remember back to the days of the WNIR and you had the likes of Owen doing the penalties and behind the scenes stuff. Brilliant character. I used to love those old brick penalty boxes in the WNIR.