Nomads Vs Devils - Conti Cup Final - 12th Jan 24 - FO 20:00

Hedd Wyn John

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Yes we will have some games in hand in the league battle once this tournament is over. That can be an advantage... but only if the team WINS those games. Can PR get them drilled and motivated enough to do that?
Despite having a poor run by Giants standards they'll probably finish ahead of us in the league. We just can't seem to string together enough periods of good hockey.


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Personally I've always thought that they should sell Clarks pies in the rink. Proper Cardiff food. Or failing that get dirty dots to sell chicken curry and chips there.


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All I ever hear is the away teams goalies have played amazing.


We just have shit shooters.

Ps I Never wanted the guy in the first place.

Russell out
Russell out is a ridiculous thing to say IMO.

I did believe that Russell was running out of ideas before the last Episode on Devils and last EIHL interview. The episode showed that he knows exactly what each player needs to improve on and his synopsis of each was pretty much spot on. He does have the passion and in the last EIHL interview he did what he has never done......placed the blame on the players. He just ins't the type of coach to throw his players under the bus, he is definitely not the problem, .....its the players. In his 1st season I have no doubt that this is not 100% his preferred team regarding the recruitment process.

To back my view up just look at last night......Arniell showed up throwing multiple hits which we have not seen (yes he got chucked), Alderson played like a man possessed hitting everything (needs to do this in the EIHL), Barrow was superb, Wilde was head an shoulders best player on the why can't we show that level of passion in our domestic games!

I realise we can't do it every game but ONCE A WEEK AT HOME in front of paying fans!!! They are paid professionals and their ATTITUDE is everything. I didn't mind losing last night (gutted yes) but the manner in which we lost was great, dominated majority of the game, 110% effort from most of the team. 9/10 we will win playing like that. More of the same tonight and tomorrow boys!


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Feel so sorry for the owners. Took on the costs and logistics of this weekend. Half full rink and we may be mathematically out of it tonight. Fans were loud despite not being so many of us, credit to block 13, but also the fans in general. We were buzzing after second ended. We looked hungry were playing hard applying pressure on fire and backcheck and although trailing and although on PK felt some optimism going into third. Third period was night and day. We at times this season have gone into our shells when chips are down. Felt so insipid in the third like the third period against Sheffield and the Guildford games it just felt like we didn’t have any new ideas and they just shut us down.

Don’t know why so many players have become gun shy. Cox is a great example, I freakin love the guy but instinctively seems to now be hard wired not to pull the trigger at the moment and looks bereft of confidence. Can apply to multiple forwards at the moment. And it’s not like while the puck is being cycled around that forwards are constantly moving to find a space / shooting lane, if opponents close up on Sanford our scoring threat is massively reduced.

It was such a shame our most direct player got the game misconduct, I hope they aren’t suspended as JA does have moxy.

Recent games it feels like our best chance of goals is pass back to defence man and for them to hit a slap shot at goal. Not sure that is great sign.

Problem is if it’s a confidence thing there is no magic recipe for getting it back. Will be a test for the sports psychology skills of PR and the leadership group from here to the playoffs. Fingers crossed Astana lose next two games and we still have something to fight for on Sunday.


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Alistair Campbell would be proud of that spin. Looking at the write ups on this forum, I’m not sure you’ll convince many people that we lost that game because of “flukes” and bad luck.
It’s not about convincing people. It’s about giving my view of the game. And my view was that we played well, dominated for long spells but whereas Astana took their chances we unfortunately didn’t.

Ive seen lots of posts on social media along the lines of mine so it’s clearly a game that has devided the fanbase. Sadly I think your two replies to me show why so many people have been put off posting on here in recent years.

We‘ve had criticism of players recently of not trying or not caring. I don’t think that can be labelled at anyone last night. If we had had better finishing or a bit more luck I think we’d have won that last night.


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from IIHF ...

Nomad Astana 5 Cardiff Devils 2 (2-1, 1-1, 2-0)
Nomad repeated its semi-final group stage victory over Cardiff thanks to a fast start and two goals from Abay Mangisbayev. The host team battled hard and forced visiting goalie Nikita Boyarkin into 33 saves, but never recovered from allowing two goals in the first two minutes.

"It was very similar to when we played them in the last round," reflected Cardiff defender Mark Richardson. "I don't want to take anything away from them but we had a lot of the puck, a lot of pressure. and ultimately we just couldn't break through."

In the previous round, Nomad scored five goals on 29 shots to take a 5-4 verdict, while Boyarkin made 41 saves. Today the Kazakhs had five from 25 shots and Boyarkin was impressive once more.

"He's a very good goaltender," concluded Richardson. "I think he's the backbone of their team and it was tough to get something past him."

It wasn’t the start the Devils were hoping for. Nomad scored on its first two attacks, jumping to a 2-0 lead on 2:10. Stanislav Alexandrov opened the scoring and before the crowd had settled down again, Abay Mangibayev doubled the lead after Danil Butenko sent the puck around the boards and Dmitriy Makayev got it to the doorstep for the young Kazakh prospect.

Rocked by that start, Cardiff looked for a way back. James Arniel halved the deficit with a well-executed individual effort, collecting the puck in centre ice and winning his duel with Nikita Boyarkin in the Astana net. Later there were good chances for Cole Sanford and Marcus Crawford to tie the game. However, at the first break, a 15-6 shot count for Cardiff could not cancel out Nomad’s 2-1 lead.

At the start of the third period, Nomad got a third goal. Just 55 seconds into the session, Nikolay Shulga got on the end of Artur Gatiyatov’s feed at the back door. Cardiff’s problems intensified when goalscorer Arniel was ejected from the game for a check to the head, but the home PK nullified Nomad’s pressure to stay in the game. And there was a lifeline in the 35th minute when a speculative point shot from Bode Wilde looped through traffic and deceived the impressive Boyarkin.

But Nomad would not be denied. Mangisbayev got his second of the night in the third period, benefitting from a big deflection off Cardiff defender Josh Batch to make it 4-2 before a Mikhail Rakhmanov empty-net tally completed the win.
League - lost (by December!)
Challenge Cup - out
Continental Cup - unlikely to win.
Playoffs is our only chance of silverware.

Even if we win that (which is doubtful) PR would have only matched DuPonts achievement!

Disappointing as so much was expected of him and this team.

Its going to be a tough old grind to the end of this season!
We would have to sting a few wins together to win, we cant even string 5 passes together, season over


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I watched all but the first minute.

I thought we played really well and dominated for long spells, but luck wasn’t our friend tonight. We heavily out shot them but a combination of poor finishing and great netminding meant we didn‘t get the goals we deserved.
1st goal was a poor turnover and I think Wall will want it back.
2nd goal was a fluke bounce.
3rd goal was a lucky bounce and then a brilliant pass.
4th goal was a fluke in off a Dmans skate.
5th goal was an ENG.

At 3-2 we’re on top, Cox is blatantly hooked but referees ignore it. Astrana go straight down the other end and make it 4-2 to seal the win when we should have been on the PP. Fine lines can make all the difference at this level.

Astana might be a young team but they’re talented and fighting for spots on KHL rosters which are way above our level. You don’t get the time on the puck you do at EIHL level to pick your spot so shots are rushed.

I’ve seen people say that we didn’t learn our lessons from the first game with Astana (which I didn’t see) but unless those lessons are “score more goals” and “make less mistakes” Im not sure what else we could do?
Thats pretty much how I saw it also. Despite the disappointing result I really enjoyed the game. Great atmosphere and great effort by the Devils for the most part and some great hockey played. The hockey gods and ref played a part in the result. However I do acknowledge what the 'unhappy clappers' are saying. This team has a number of weaknesses which we discuss frequently on this forum. They are:-

Defensive frailties (slightly improved by the addition of Wilde)
Poor powerplay (though it has improved a little)
Poor finishing
A lack of physicality (we are seeing a little more but not for a full 60 minutes and not from all players)

Those weaknesses combined with the ref and the hockey gods to cause us to lose a game that we should have won.

If we don't fix these weaknesses I agree we are unlikely to see any silverware.

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Soaked up pressure, good netminding and clinical finishing. When the Devils do that away from home and take the points, we'd all agree that we'd played the perfect road game. I think we should be giving Astana a little more credit instead of blaming bad luck and the hockey gods! They’ve beaten us twice this year, in France and now on our home ice. That doesn’t sound like a fluke to me.