NHL not allowing players to go to 2018 Olympics


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I think this is terrible. Denying the players an opportunity to represent their countries in the greatest global sporting event. Arrogant and short-sighted IMO. What does everyone else think?


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The NHL had been seeking concessions from the International Olympic Committee to compensate it for interrupting its season but will now not schedule a mid-season break for the Games.

It had been in long-running talks with the IOC and the NHL Players' Association as well as the International Ice Hockey Federation, which had offered to cover travel and insurance costs for NHL players as a concession to the league.
Does anyone know what concessions (i.e compensation) they were after?

I can't see how the NHL comes out of this looking well at all. What happens if some of their "employees" decide to go anyway? Are they going to sue their own talent or will it be like deflategate* with match bans and fines.

*As I understand it Brady's ban was reinstated after he'd gone gone to court to have it overturned because the NFL argued they had every right to discipline their employees for breaking their rules.


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Shocking decision especially considering the farcical World Cup of Hockey at the start of this season.

Sad day for hockey


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Ovi has said that he will be going to play for Russia, even if someone from the NHL tells him not too! If all the players do that, there's not much the NHL can do about it. What can they do?

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This was a huge decision!
Unfortunately it is not a good idea to do sports betting for the Olympics, because this changes eveything,
I guess I`ll spend my time on finding the <link removed> again :D
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