Next time anyone moans about the standard of officiating in the EIHL


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That’s untrue, that guy could so easily have broken his neck. We all know hockey is one tough sport, but that non call was unbelievable. A total disgrace.


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The only thing that should have been in question there, is the reaction time the referee's arm had to get raised. Shocking!


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It’s obvious what’s happened - somebody in the stand has just shouted out how much a pint is in the Viola and the ref is in a state of total, utter and complete shock!
His brain is totally paralysed as he attempts to comprehend such a staggering figure!

It appears the forward in the black top also hears the price and if you look carefully he even raises his arm in total disgust and if I can read his lips correctly he says “you are ******* joking! For a Carling?”