New ice hockey magazine


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Geoff Woolhouse (ex Steelers and Panthers back up netminder) has produced a new magazine relating to all things hockey.

Website here:

It's on the steep side, but if you're a bit old school and like a physical publication, as opposed to online article reading, then it might be worth a look.


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thou i like the idea of a fiscal magazine. but? hummm . so is this 3 monthly? this website doesn't give a feel for the mag at all. i have no problem with the price. for example, when you buy a comic you can click on the mag and get an idea whats it feels and looks like and how many pages it has. this does not do it. so you buying blind and so this is not selling itself to you. i feel an example first edition would have been a better show case. hope it does well anyway.


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Seems worth a shot. Approaching it as ‘a programme for the off season‘ (or ‘no season’).

Can’t imagine he expects to get rich off the back of this and my hockey budget is largely unused at the moment, so why not.

Full marks for the attempt.