New CHL format for 20/21


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Like the idea but what will be the date schedule between each round to book time off work, travel and accommodation. At least when you had the group stage you could book the dates off and sort out all the rest.
I can see the reason why though and its quite a exciting format i think.


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A sensible decision which has the additional benefit of not requiring players to arrive for pre-season so early, as has been the case this past couple of years. With the Magic 5 event in early October also, we probably won’t need players here until mid September - which buys everyone a little more time than usual. Fingers crossed we are allowed to work to that timetable, even though it’s doubtful for me.
CHL currently pencilled in time start October 6th with a knockout round of 32

(Side note I’ll be discussing this on the Hampson on Hockey podcast later and I’d love to share your thoughts if any of you want to be featured)
Hi, just a quick reply. I enjoy the podcast, particularly because I'm an exiled Devils fan to it's great to have that Devils chat even if it's one way.

Regarding the CHL change, I understand why they have done it and it makes the most sense both in terms of player/fan safety and it also gives the competition a stronger chance of being flexible if the Pandemic continues late into the year or drives further measures/restrictions.

However personally as a Devils fan I'm pretty gutted. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I love the CHL games. Particularly 2019 because the Devils' compete level was higher (in my opinion). I live 100ish miles away and have managed to get to 5 of the last 6 CHL home games. Personally I think it's great to see the whole Devils team give absolutely everything, if anyone is wondering what I'm on about just watch how well he played and how committed Linglet was in those games, he was like a man possessed. I'm pretty sure Tod gave an interview at the time where he said pretty much the same thing. In my opinion the players play up to the higher level and as a result the product on the ice is higher and more entertaining.

My main concern with the CHL change for this year is that 'Andrew Lord CHL Luck' will kick in and the Devils will end up with one of the top 2 sides meaning the CHL journey would most likely be only 2 games, which would be a huge shame. If I had designed the revision, I'd have gone for the same approach as Pro-Surfing where by if you go out in Round 1 you get a shot at Round 2. And if you win Round 1, you go through to Round 3. With that setup there would be a bigger chance of there being an 'Upset' and also the Round 2 games would most likely be super competitive as there is more chance the teams would be more equally matched.

Just my thoughts, sorry for war and peace. I hope I mostly made sense.



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As things stand we could be playing 3 games in 4 days with the chl game being the 3rd game as we will be involved in magic weekend in nottingham..anyone fancy stavenger in Norway on the tuesday...apart from travel it is prob most expensive to dine and drink..