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3 less home games i expect they will do something with the cup games/playoffs again.
This is a shame as MK will be missed perhaps someone else may take up the bid for MK.


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Board saying they are looking at 20/22 applications from August

The implication form the statement was that now was too early but try again


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It gets boring watching the same team 3 times home and away. I know no one can be blamed for this but il be picking and choosing my games again this season.


Taken from THF:
PlanetIce said:
Planet Ice would like to take this opportunity to express its disappointment with the Elite League and their decision to refuse the granting of a licence to the new Milton Keynes consortium for next season onwards. As a result, Planet Ice will be reviewing its future relationship with all Elite League teams operating from it’s buildings and an official statement on their decision will be released after 5pm on Friday May 10th.

Heath Rhodes
Chief Operations Officer for Planet Ice


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It gets boring watching the same team 3 times home and away. I know no one can be blamed for this but il be picking and choosing my games again this season.
Not wanting to sound nasty, but it’s a good job we don't all take that attitude,otherwise we wouldnt have a club to watch. Sports clubs are businesses, and when you are a minority sport you are dependant on your fans coming thru the gate, not having the privilege of Sky Sports huge incomes, your team will relate to your income. Thankfully Devils have a solid core of die hard fans and long may that continue. We only have a 3,100 seater venue, compared to Arena teams, slash that and it’s even more difficult to keep up with the Jones’ys. It’s a balancing act, if you want the best it don’t come cheap.


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Trying to be bully boys or what! I'm guessing Manchester Storm and Coventry Blaze would be taking legal advice right now.


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It’s clearly a threat to the EIHL regarding participation of Blaze and Storm playing out of PI barns next year, which could have huge implications for the Elite league. I can’t say I’d relish the thought of an 8 team league, watching the same teams week in, week out. Cool heads need to prevail here.


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Without knowing the bid details, I find the knee-jerk accusation of ‘bully boy’ tactics a bit of a stretch.

It does suggest that MK Lightning don’t have a sparkling relationship with Planet Ice. Perhaps they didn’t take kindly to the (seemingly) unilateral decision to downgrade to NIHL. Not obvious that it would impact Planet Ice financially, but it might, depending on whether it’s a straight hire or a split of the takings. Even if the rent is fixed, food/drink sales might take a substantial hit with what are, presumably, reduced ticket sales. (Anyone know how the Rink/Team deal works?)

It’s not impossible that Planet Ice’s involvement has been encouraged by EIHL people (if, for instance, Storm and/or Blaze were in favour). Pure speculation, but it would be a strong play.

Simplest possible explanation: Planet Ice feel that they are entitled to a better explanation than the one they got (none whatsoever?) for why an EIHL bid got shot down.
This statement from Planet Ice seems a bit rich as they appear to be taking some sort of moral high ground. Isn't it the same company who's business model seems to be 'Do no maintenance, of any kind, EVER' coupled with having the least amount of staff and squeezing every possible penny out of anyone who even dares to enter the rink. They aren't exactly whiter than white themselves. Has anyone ever visited a PI rink in the last decade and thought "Wow, which elite level professional side gets to call this their home". I don't see what they are hoping to achieve


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Why are PI due an explantation or being informed of EIHL decisions - they are MK landlords.

They do not own Storm, Blaze or MK so have no relationship direct with EIHL


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EIHL has nothing to worry about here. Call their bluff.

They're hurting themselves as much as the EIHL & this is Coventry & Manchester's problem to sort out and nothing to do with the EIHL.

Go and climb back in your pram; PI.


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It's a bizarre statement, I want my team in the league so desperately that I would take 2 other teams out! Surely that would put them in a more desperate situation.


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Leeds rink looks like it may be Planet Ice ... and they’ve long been rumoured here as a potential EIHL recruit.