Lausanne here we come!


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Just about to step out the front door and off to Montreux, Switzerland.

Devils shirt - Check (Mike Macwilliam superleague jersey)
Game tickets - Check
Lausanne Train tickets - Check

All paperwork and tests done (pain in the ass) so it's off we go.
This trip was originally booked for 2020 same week as we had tickets for Freddie Mercury's birthday party in Montreux, then it was cancelled until 2021 this week but again the party has been postponed to 2022 but we decided to still take the weeks vacation.......Lucky for us as the Devils group draw was in our favor so we have the game to look forward to instead.

I will try to do a little travel log about our away game experience.

Gatwicks calling, Lausanne here we come!


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Safe journey have a blast and give the lads a cheer from us all, will keep our eyes out for you on the telly, is the shirt red or white. Big Macs aye I’m super jealous.


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Just got in our apartment.
In the passport queue at Geneva airport saw at least another 8 devils supporters so may have been a few more on our flight. Could have a nice little support group tomorrow, time for sleep, roll on tomorrow.


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Good afternoon hockey fans. Great day here in montreux, sunny, hot and lots of freddie mercury look alikes. Countdown is on. Come on devils, let's do the double.