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That was a win nobody could or would have predicted with any certainty, a nuts win for sure, certainly one of those games you’d take every weekend, that’s not my point though, as it should go without saying as a Devils fan.

Hopefully this will not only give the confidence we so badly need going forward, but also shed some much needed light onto those players previously left in the shadows.
As a fully qualified, licensed & and holder of the arm chair coaches society, I’m more than qualified to state there’s more strength in depth than some gave credit for.


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I think you’re right. He knows what he’s doing. But at the same time, looking at the stats (admittedly, games aren’t played on paper) they technically outplayed us. Outshot, they had more PP’s, and they should have won if you look at it that way. I’d say that was them playing well.

For us to go there with three imports missing (Benti, Masi, Redds) and to come away with that win is nuts.

As I’m sure you’ll say, (and have said above I believe) there are worries about where the goals came from etc, and I agree. But, win as a team, lose as a team.
We were two imports down - Benti and Marjamaki. Reddick wasn’t missing, he was a healthy scratch.