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It’s football!
Although I’m English and proud to be so....
It’s football!
Ok so my country were one step away from the final but....
It’s football!
It was never in my home anyway....
It’s football!

However I do find it ironic that a Welshman is taking the Mickey out of English football!

But it’s still football!
I thought I done well not mentioning the 'F' word. I used to love football and the world cup. This year is the first year I couldn't care less ! Being a 'Hammers' fan since the age of 6 , I have learnt to have low expectations. Since being a 'Devils' fan for 3 or 4 years I have learned much higher expectations. English footballers are basically overpaid spoilt rich kids that deserve all the flak I hope they are gonna get ! Rubbish !!!!!