Game Night Parking


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Toys R Us appears to be a non starter - the barriers are rusted solid and won't move

The Council will not spend any money on fixing this (only option seems to be to cut them down as it will be up to whoever takes the site on to resolve - rumour is a leisure center chain
Wednesday night the arena and pool car parks were full.Lots of folk wanting to swim in this hot weather
The weather is going to change but the parking issue is here to stay. Is all the ground behind the arena being fully utilised? It doesn’t look like it to me. Another exit from the pool car park wouldn’t be handy as that’s been a huge bottleneck but outside the Devils control.


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If the barriers come down it’ll be a matter of seconds before there are caravans parked on that toys r us site. With the cost that brings I can see why the council would be so worried. If a deal could be struck where IAW is a key holder for that site on match nights bingo but there would also be huge liabilities involved if the caravans got in during a match night as I doubt the council would foot that bill. Common sense meets the modern world sadly.


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Read my 7earlier comment - but I will expand

I have spoken to someone from the council and their current position is based on the barriers being rusted in place

They would be costly to cut down (the only option) so they will be left until a developer takes on the site and the associated cost
Just announced by club on twitter that wilcox house is open this evening and this season..
Good as this is, it's not feasible for Blue Badge holders, we still have to arrive very early, or just hope we can a nearby parking space, Toy R Us would have been perfect, but can't see that happening.