Evan Mosey Signs


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Not sure if our dip in form has coincided with Haddad and Linglet swapping lines?

I’d be tempted to go (with no reference as to which wing):



With longer term Mosey coming in for Morrisette when a new D is signed.

But so many possibly permutations...not easy for Lord.


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I thought that the lines had changed but couldn't work out what the change was. Im sure there is a reason for the change but Im always of the view 'if it aint broke dont try to fix it.' We had 4 lines playing sublime hockey and then the last 3 games we have looked pretty average.
Obviously nobody came out of tonight well but I think he showed glimpses of what he can do - will take a few weeks to get sharp. He’s better on the puck than Blood (being a forward) but in that vein he reminds me more of Fournier.


I'd be very surprised if we aren't close or have one or two firm considerations. With Faryna fit and a new Dman signed we already have a spare in the form of Mosey.


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As I mentioned earlier, the biggest factor in us not bringing in a player to date has been the amazing play of our current roster. This is a huge positive for us. The quality of play particularly from our Brits has been amazing so I personally don't think it would be fair to bring in another import at the expense of any one of our current dmen. We've had several opportunities to bring in players that would have been great additions in different scenarios but loyalty and rewarding hard work and great performance is more important in my mind.
I believe Mosey was possibly one of these guys, he may have always been 'available' however the club were holding out for something different, then unfortunately the Blood situation has twisted our arms.

I have no issue with him coming in, a very very quick fix given he has a British passport so could be here within hours if the price was right & is a decent enough player.


Hopefully Mosey wont be spare and Mo will be his form is low at moment
I assume the spare will be anyone who needs resting or a kick in the pants more than a single player, I was more meaning Mosey would take the import spot we allocated for a spare rather than he would be the one sitting out.

jimmy snels

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id argue haddad has been far worse form wise, cant remember the last time he put out a decent hit and his lack of passing must surely be contributing to mo's perceived lack of form?


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Its just a season too far for Mo I think. Yes he may work hard off the ice but has lots a lot of speed and unfortunately in today's game when your Mo's size in our league you need speed to be effective. Plus he just doesn't seem like a leader when on the ice that we need to get the guys going.
I agree with the Mo comments he will always be good blocking shots and giving someone a couple.of minutes rest and may very well be a leader but feel number wise he is on the low side without any 'fitness' attributes however I would put Ulmer with him, however his saving grace compared to Mo is he will score us goals. But 'fitness wise and by that speed, endurance checking etc he is definately on the slower side.

Can't help but feel and have felt this from pre season onwards we haven't got that 'spark' player. Faryna has it but we.need more than one or two. And I don't necessarily mean a skilled player, a checking forward, a gritty player (Myers and Haddad do this but Myers doesn't get a whole lot of ice time which I think is a shame.

However for what ever reason I still feel that One Or two players seem to take more than one shift, one period one game off more often than not