EIHL Last Man Standing- v3


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Week 8 Results - The mighty have fallen!!!!!!!

Wannabe2: Coventry Blaze 3 v 1 Manchester Storm Friday
Pondlife : Belfast Giants 3 v 1 Manchester Storm saturday
kettdevil1 : Nottingham Panthers 5 v 3 Glasgow Clan Sunday
coedduon: Glasgow Clan 4 v 2 Nottingham Panthers Sunday
CornwallTaffy: Nottingham Panthers 4 v 1 Glasgow Clan Sunday
Devils86: Nottingham Panthers 3 v 1 Glasgow Clan Sunday


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Week 9 info

@Pondlife : Sheffield Steelers | Dundee Stars | Manchester Storm | Cardiff Devils | Guildford Flames | Nottingham Panthers | Fife Flyers | Belfast Giants
@coedduon : Belfast Giants | Dundee Stars | Manchester Storm | Sheffield Steelers | Guildford Flames | Nottingham Panthers | Cardiff Devils | Glasgow Clan

I make that you both now have 2 teams to choose from:

Pondlife: Glasgow Clan, Coventry Blaze
Coedduon: Fife Flyers, Coventry Blaze

Fixtures: https://www.eliteleague.co.uk/schedule

Once again, please make sure you post a predicted score, in the event this goes down to the tie breaker!

Please choose from:

Saturday 27th November
Sunday 28th November
Tuesday 30th November


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Week 9 Picks

@Pondlife : Glasgow Clan 4 v 2 Fife Flyers Tuesday
@coedduon :
Fife Flyers 3 v 2 Guildford Flames Saturday

A huge good luck to you both & well done on getting 8 successive picks correct.

For anyone checking in here/curious about what's next, this will end at the earliest on Tuesday - so the next tournament will sign up immediately, and will skip the following weekend so people have a chance to sign up, and begin from the 11th/12th December :)
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Well done Pondlife!
Looks like we are rolling the dice again.
It's the Blaze against whoever for me - they should have a few bodies back this week at least.

You guys are both down to your last team, that's frankly incredible.

It doesn't make sense for this to run past a full 10 team cycle, so there will be a winner decided from this weekends games regardless.

I'll put the proper post up tomorrow/tonight with the info on (currently on my mobile).

I guess you both have Coventry as your pick left, we need to extend the week. Past this weekend:

Their CC quarter first leg is against Belfast on the 8th - if you want this you can have it.

You both need to pick between Coventry v Glasgow on Saturday 4th, or Coventry v Belfast on Wednesday 8th.

In the (likely) event that you both pick Saturdays game, closest to the correct score will take the win - as a reminder you need to pick Coventry to win though :)


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Week 10 Results:

Pondlife: Coventry Blaze 4 v 2 Glasgow Clan
Coedduon: Coventry Blaze 3 v 2 Glasgow Clan

We go down to a Tie Breaker to decide our winner!!!!

Reminder (Post #163 on this thread has the tie break rules, copied below)

Tie Breaker rules:

In the event that everyone gets the winning team wrong, we will have tie break criteria in place - posting this now so that everyone is aware.

Tiebreaker 1 - Total # goals in the game you pick (Nearest wins)
If both are the same distance away:
Tiebreaker 2 - Total # goals by the winning team
If both are the same distance away:
Tiebreaker 3 - Total # goals by the losing team

Total number of goals (As Tie Breaker #1) was 7 goals (Coventry Blaze 2, Glasgow Clan 5)
Pondlife predicted 6 goals, Coedduon - 5.