Doucet to MK Lightning


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Gutted,I liked Doucet,great player and an even better guy always worked hard and was gritty plus in his time scored some big goals for us ,can only wish him the best and hope he does well for MK who have a great signing and he sticks the puck in the steelers net a few times !!...Thanks Douce #12


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Wishing Douce all the best. All the speculation now over and he will be a top player for MKL.
With the right line partners he might be able to build some chemistry and recapture his mojo.
Couldn't fault his hard work but his inconsistency and struggles to find line chemistry (when newer players adapted quickly) were a continuation of that unexpectedly disappointing first season here after such high expecttations.
He will undoubtedly score some important goals for Lightening....a player with a great work ethic and integrity.
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Douce was one of my favourites, he probably didn't have the consistency this season that he would've liked but the effort was never lacking and sometimes that can be just as important. Wish him all the best at the Lightning, he'll get a good reception from myself when they come to town.


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Sad to see Doucet go. He never really had the right players around him to reach the heights of the first season with us but you could never fault his commitment


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Doucet was our joint top league scorer, 19 league goals. Sorry to see him go myself, feisty, committed, honest, and could be a game winner on his day. If we upgrade on Douc, that will be one good signing. Hopefully we will do just that.


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I know he was a 'streaky' player but when he was on it, I maintain he is still the best sniper in the league.

Thinking about it this move seems to be the best decision for everyone.... MK get a terrific player, Douce gets first/second line minutes and we will (hopefully) bring in someone who can take up the slack.....


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Big fan of Doucet. Not many goal scorers have his work ethic and talent. A slow start and end to the season has probably lead to the decision to move on. When he was hot, he was unstoppable.

All the very best to Doucet. Proud to have had him as a Cardiff Devils. “Doucet’s on Fire!

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The issue we had was that we couldn't manage to get him onto the Top 2 Lines enough! This for me is where he needs to be in order to produce... He's a hard worker but he's not a Third Line grinder, MK have just picked up a gem as I'm sure he'll be one of their Top Line Forwards and there's no reason he wouldn't be able to put up the sort of points he managed at Hull! I for one will miss him but I'm also excited to see who replaces him.


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As many have said, the best pure sniper i think i've seen in this league. (ok maybe Jon Pelle but still...)

Doucet looked done for us this year after Richie took away his left circle PP time.
That combined with some incredible import talent left Doucet off the top scoring lines.

Wasn't able to gel properly with anyone this year, despite scoring some clutch goals, this got worse and worse as the year got on as nobody was able to find him with a pass and vice versa, so always seemed to take it upon himself to do the work.

He is the first player that needs to be signed to any line and cannot simply "slot in" like was required this year.

I think we can upgrade on Douce, and i'm glad we are looking to... although any player that leaves from a treble winning team is a big loss.

All the best in MK & thank you for what you brought to Cardiff #12


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I wanted to chime in on #12. I don't need to get into his value on the ice. Anybody could see his talent at scoring goals and his incredible work ethic. What a lot of people don't know is the work he put into this franchise away from the rink. Douce spent the entire summer in Cardiff and spent countless hours with Lordo breaking down film on the dozens of players that we looked at signing. He was the ultimate team guy when he was asked to sit out from time to time which is obviously the hardest thing you can ever ask of a competitor like Douce.

Douce expressed his desire to go somewhere where he will be a "go-to" player again which was something that we couldn't offer him here anymore unfortunately. I have no doubt that he will be an impact player for MK and he will also be an impact person in their community just like he was in ours.

As I said to the players after the last game, champions walk together forever and that will certainly be the case for the Cardiff Devils and Guillaume Doucet.
For a topic titled 'Rumours & Nonsense' some of the posts border on cruel and insensitive.
5 minutes ago we were celebrating one of / the finest Devils squad ever assembled, import or otherwise. Soon forgotten, we now appear to hang some of them out to dry...very sad...

Todd has always spoken of the benefit of freshening squads, and he has always shown a sure, safe, and considerate pair of hands. So, if any of our champions move on, for whatever reason, I'm sure it will be managed with good grace and allowing them a warm welcome home at any time and to be celebrated as the Champions of 2017.
I wrote this previously on the 'rumours & nonsense thread.

So pleased now to see Steve King eloquently embodying that good grace.