Devils Vs Panthers - 17 + 18 Aug - Preseason Double Header

You can already see this is a different steeler team! 3-0 down 10 mins ago now 4-3 up!! They got so much scoring power.

My fav player from a few years back makes them take 4-3 lead. Vallerand


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They’re playing against a good team too. It’s early days but the signs are that it won’t be a two horse race between Giants and us this year and that’s got to be more exciting for us fans.


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Back up NM in with star player missing so not massively surprising. Still had hoped we'd pull out the win. Never mind. Let's see how things go tomorrow.
That tells me more about our D to be honest. A disappointing result no matter how you dress it up. Panthers also missing a player or two I believe and it was their first game. Need to improve tomorrow night.
I thought against Fehervar AV19 that one or two D men looked defensively suspect. By the sounds of things it was the case tonight as well, sounds like Mad Dog kept us in it. Need to tighten up the Defence and a much improved performance is needed tomorrow. Go devils
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