Devils Vs Giants - League - 16th Oct 2021

Boy was that momentum turning fast towards the end. Sweating buckets, thought that shot that hit the post went in. What a sigh of relief.

A good win against a strong looking Giants team.


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Hope you’re all done gooing about the Giants!!! The Devils were the better team for the last 40 minutes of that game and deserved the win. Great hockey game.
The giants are very good. I think better than the Steelers, but goodness, that was the best devils performance this season - so far. I apologise for doubting.


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I though that was a wicked game ! And all slating O’Connor he is a talented player don’t care what any one says I sponsored he jersey I like him everyone is welcome to the opinion ! All around though a good game very good Belfast look a solid team and I think the crowd been a 6th man pushed us over the line going to be a tight season 100% but very exited about this team


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I know we’ve obviously picked him up, but the fact that Josh Waller was a little under the radar amazes me.

Is it just that the ice time he’s getting is showing he good he can be?

Thought Mikkelson showed quite a lot more tonight, was very good to see.

There were a number of sloppy passes/attempted zone clearances from the D. Not going to name names, but there needs to be more application for the full 60 on the part of some. It’s not a lack of ability, it’s a lack of concentration.

That being said - Carruth had a great game, and the goal by Reid was an absolute beauty.

Love beating the Giants. Let’s keep doing it.


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Giants were on top for first 20. Much better in the 2nd and 3rd from the boys. Great character win and great entertainment. Best game of the season so far.


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First 20 mins only one team in it, how we went in 1-0 up was untrue, 2nd and 3rd periods we edged both and deservedly won the game 3-2. Two very good teams cancelling each out time and time again, but in the end the better team edged it.

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Carruth kept us in it for that first period, but the first goal seemed to settle us down and it was a very decent end to end game after that. I prefer my Devils/Giants games to be a little nastier though, hopefully that builds as the season goes on! Great 2 points, but it’s going to go down to the wire again with these guys and possibly Sheffield too.
Excellent game of hockey from two excellent teams! Thought that was Duponts strongest game in a devils jersey he is really starting to settle in and Waller is on fire and playing with so much confidence.

Mikkelson and Batch were my pick of the D men today, both played very physical and safe hockey! I think ultimately that's where we edged a very skilful and fast giants team by outmuscling them! Carruth is a beast too....he will want the first goal back but other than that he was superb.

Boucher for the giants is one incredible player...could be the league MVP! On another note the Belfast away support have to be the most irritating and irksome in the league! "Cardiff's embarrassing"....what sort of petulant nonsensical chant is that?!


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Thats the best team we have seen yet in the league but we beat them. Hell of an achievement. Great defensive display against a very offensive Belfast team and Carruth was indeed on fire. (Love the new chant).
Wallers pass for Mikkelsons goal showed great hockey sense. This youngster shows experience way beyond his years.
Brodie Reid is like Layne Ulmer on steroids. Scores crucial goals but with such style.
But it was team effort that got the win. Every player supporting each other in the puck battles.
Gotta mention Matt Register though. Possibly the smartest coolest D man I have seen. He may not rack up the goals like Gleason Fournier but he is just as important.


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Great game ,great atmosphere, and a well deserved result. Some on here are giving Giants too much credit. They blew themselves out in the first then produced a desperate last ten minutes effort. Two very good team displays tonight.