Devils Vs Giants - 14 Apr 19 - Play Off Final Mega Game

As mentioned on the Semi-Final thread. My Wife is unable to make today's action at the NIC (due to commitments with her uni course) so I have an Adult ticket going spare for today. I will be in Nottingham from about 11ish so if someone needs a ticket please drop me a message on here. Wannabe once hooked me up with a ticket for the opening night of IAW at very short notice so it would be cool to do the same for someone else. I paid £42 for the ticket but I'm happy to get whatever I get for it rather than the seat go empty. Thanks heaps, Jay


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Two best teams this season and it should be a barn burner if both teams are on form.

We have the chance of a grand slam, and personally no better way to do it then today, if we win of course.

But then on the flip side you have a very good Devils team wanting to end the season with a trophy.

I honestly don't think you could call this one. Both teams on their day are a match for each other and really could be down to a lucky bounce or if one team starts slow.

Anyway what a way to end the season, personally think this could be an all time EIHL classic.

Rich Best

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I am calling it 5-4 Devil's. Linglet 2, Martin 2 and Fournier.

Devil's leading 5-1 and Giants clawing it back for a tight finish.


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As Alec Guiness said a long time ago in a galaxy far far away "In my experience there's no such thing as luck".

It's down to who wants it more. It will be very tight and edgy. Fitness will play a large part because l'll be surprised if it doesnt go to OT.


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We've proved we have what it takes to beat Belfast, Belfast have proved they can beat us. It's literally down to the fitness level and who wants it more now, I'm excited more so because neither team has a home advantage so it's absolutely neutral. I'd like a win from us but if we lose I think it'll be down to Belfast just having the edge.
Is it possible to swear at the refs as much as the Belfast players and coaching staff are doing? Most other sports would see action taken against them
This team really deserved something from this season. Even though the giants are definitely worthy of a grandslam we wanted this weekend so bad congratulations to both champs on a memorable season.
Tough one to take felt we (Giants that is) had most of the scoring chances. But Bowns had an immense game in net.

Felt losing Murphy was big for us. Although I think the hit was clean, just unfortunate Murphy made a move around Martin? I think and got cleaned out right after.

But of well 3 out of 4 isn't bad. Felt Cardiff where too good a team to not win something.

Felt that was one if the best PO finals in recent years.