Devils Vs Flames - Play-Off Semi Final - 30th April 2022


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This is my kids first playoff weekend and game outside cardiff. It would be great for them to see the Devil's lift the trophy but failing that at least a semi final win would be good. They are 9 and 12 so old enough to appreciate it.
What a feeling that would be. I experienced the same in 2018. Winning the league is great but there's something special about playoff weekend and even more so if you've got the kids in tow. Fingers cross for you (and us!).


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What an incentive it would be if Belfast lost to Dundee, at least another club will win a trophy this year, we need to come out flying for 60 mins show intent from the start, battering everyone in sight, within the rules of course, this could be a year we win a trophy which in all honesty nobody expected by most of our fanbase including myself, lets get cardiff back on the map as our footy and rugby team are in the doldrums this season..WE CAN DO THIS, ps. have the arena got the orange baloons out of the rafters..?


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Guildford the better team after 10 minutes. Wouldn’t say our body language looks great so far. Still 0-0 tho so nothing to worry about at the moment


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The first 10 minutes were like watching paint dry. Guildford clogging the middle and playing a trap. At least the coughler goal means Guildford will have to open it up a bit.

If coughler isn't back on the ice for the remainder of the weekend we might as well congratulate Belfast now. Crandall and Reid have seemed pretty anonymous so far.