Devils vs Clan - 01 Dec 19 - League


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Devils welcome the Clan to the Viola on Sunday night. Devils are hoping to get back on track after a bumpy weekend, and the games aren't getting any easier. It's also air the bear so bring a teddy
Just looks like a low cost body.
He has played with one of the Clan team so you never know.
Best not to upset him and get him motivated against us.


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regardless what happens in sheffield and barring any injuries and more bans we should be at full strength for this game , it is a make or break game v clan for the rest of season, lose and top 3 finish at best, win and it could go to the wire thats how close it is this season...


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I’ll predict twice, the team result based on team potential & second on current form.

Cardiff win 6-2.

Cardiff win 3-2.

Will Lord have the confidence to have a more inclusive line set up using the momentum gained from last night, will we see a hungry team determined, overdosing on passion & drive, or will there still be issues. Could last night have been two fingers up to whatever the issue is and today we’ll see a return of the Shiite show.


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Tracker shows two shots, but not on goal - so they don't count. I can't ever remember that happening outside the devils first season in 86/87.


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7-3 is such a random score, and twice in two nights! Great to see the Devils seemingly back on track, long may it continue!


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Good results this weekend. Hopefully it will be the start of a hot streak and we can string some wins together. We shall see though as our form is like a yo-yo this year.


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So close, my prediction was out by 1 on both teams.

Another 7 goal game, we’ve set a standard, nothing less in future will be tolerated.
Great 4 point weekend for the Devils.
It doesn’t erase the performances in the two losses last weekend but it does draw a line under them so we can hopefully get back to dominating teams both in performance and on the scoreboard.
Now let’s make it really count by this being the start of a long winning streak!
Well done!


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Massive wins against top 2 b4 weekend some great stuff played both nights ..big shout to our brits awesome and never give up on any shift.. the games reminded me of September