Devils v Steelers - Wed 14 Mar 2018 - League - FO 7:30 - Chat/Updates

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The DEVILS seek those league points that will secure the LEAGUE TITLE

IceTime will be running a webcast for this game with all the details to be found @ :)

We will be running the 'ridiculously childish and disgustingly biased' and unique Match Night Live service for this game so expect some nervous reporting, nail biting and more bad jokes, all this at the usual location of

If you'd like to chip in with a comment or make a score prediction on the night let OJ know, who can be contacted at


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Was this game always scheduled for this date? I know next week’s storm game is a reschedule but this one is missing from my calendar for some reason.


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Yes it was originally planned for the CC semi final night.

With Strachan missing, If Louis is fit I would play him tonight. Maybe give Crowder a rest, and play Myers on the Faryna line.


Hopefully we rest Bowns if hes not in any way 100%. I don't trust a Thommo team not to take advantage and run him.

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Can't play Louis, can't swap in an import for a suspended import unfortunately. I think I have the right but correct me if wrong?!

Note would LOVE to see Louis back playing again, quality guy and quality player who is devil's through and through.


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That was one great night out, that game had it all, best game for ages. People who missed it, it was a belter. Think the season should be extended till August myself. New song for the Steelers you are number 5, you are number 5. Well played lads, when you play as you can no one can live with you.
Not since the days of Telford Tigers and Chucky cheeseburger have I witnessed such an appallng display of cheap shots and dangerous plays from a team like Sheffield played tonight. To make matters worse the standard of officiating is abysmal - yes, penalties were missed on both sides tonight but when it's blatantly obvious that the intention is to take a player out then by not calling it, or giving minor penalties instead of stamping down on cheap shot tactics then the refs are to blame when players get injured.
To me Thommo knows the Steelers can go no further in the race for league title - so his game plan tonight was to take Devils players out before the playoffs so SQUEELERS have a chance of some silverware
Absolutely disgusting display from Steelers tonight
The Steelers came out to be niggly and try and force us off our game.

Think we did very well not to react to some of it. Get the win, move forward towards the title and let them sulk.

We can make sure they get the right level of retaliation come Sunday.
Great game tonight. The fact Hicks / Darnell were so dreadful seemed to galvanise the crowd. Considering the rink was only 2/3 full, the atmosphere and noise was incredible.

Fournier got a well deserved mom but Ulmer was immense. His hit on fitzy aswell.

Thought Batch might’ve got more game time tonight, seemed to be his type of game tonight. If Bowns potentially goes to Europe as rumoured and Josh leaves for game time (who would blame him) then we could be left with a bit of a void for brits next year.