Couple of Devils stats


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1. We the most regulation wins in the league with 14.
2. We have the highest points % in the league with with 0.64.
3. We have the least regulation losses with 6.
4. We have the 2nd highest goals % per game after the Steelers with 3.71 per game.


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Not my stats - see @oliverjhampson on Twitter

Interesting how quite a few posters are easing off on Pope but having a go at Linglet - stats show a different story.

I rate both so I don’t mind. I think Linglet has come in for criticism due to his style of play being less physical and his drop off from last year. Whereas Pope has upped the work rate from last year...

Not starting an argument, just saying I find it interesting.


For my 2 penneth worth I think a lot of the criticism for Linglet is due to the fact that he was utterly un-playable during our (comical) 4 game "playoffs" [and fyi I love POFW as much as anyone] and that during the CHL games (particularly the first 3) he carried that on AND hit anything that moved [just listen to the Freesports commentary AND Todd Kellman's interview about those games if you've forgotten]. There's no way anyone could keep that up for the entire season and as he's slowed down slightly (#85 and #42 did the same last year, remember their end of year contributions too) he's come into criticism. Are we frustrated that our 'world-beater' isn't at 100%, sure. But will he prove us wrong on the stretch, I'd certainly bet all my belongings on it. Form is temporary, class is permanent. And I'm no happy Clapper, just ask any poor person who's been stuck next to me during a game