Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020


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Looks like he might have been injured a couple of seasons ago? - only played a few games. He has been on loan to AHL teams as a backup also.... no guarantee of much game time there. Majority of his stats have been upper 90-92%.That's OK. The Fife fans seem pleased with the signing.
ENTERTAINING is a word to describe him and I am in no doubt will increase attendances. Looks like he can play a little aswell. Just hope he is a clean player rather than some of the ones we have seen over the many years that were simply goons. From what I have seen though I think he will be a little unruly at times but will do Belfast some good whether he is on the ice or waiting and ready in the bench.
Have a feeling Josh and Luis will be busy this year unless we can sign a player who is prepared to take the protector role. Personally I would love to see a couple of characters back in the league whilst still maintaining the majority of the skill set. Miss some of the golden years with the anticipation of a lively game before face off, during and post.

And if you are one of the ones that is going to say that there is no need for it in the modern game and it doesn't excite you then ask yourself the same question IF and by chance you find yourself stood up and clapping during a dropped gloves moment.

Reality is that it does add an exiting edge to a game and something else to anticipate in the build up to a particular fixture. And like a winning team it does also increase revenue, it always has done through the years of hockey.
Think Belfast needed some toughness having lost Vandermeer, and Riley. Smotherman ain’t no shrinking violet, but you don’t want him in the bin. Belfast again will be a force, with a bit of entertainment thrown in. Our games could be quite interesting. Sorry forgot about Pellech, who could be the toughest in the league. So Pellech for Vandermeer, and Farnham for Riley.
Didn't realise they signed Pellech...Ouch! Think he will also surprise a lot of people.