Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2019/2020


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Vallerand could be one hell of a signing for Steelers
Hmmmm I am not sure, he may be and I like the fact that he is clearly a character but.... is he actually that good? When he was the main man at Cov he did a good job but took silly penalties and I was never quite sure about his team play. the Alps Leagues is hit and miss, although to be fair his number have been good, but the EIHL is better than when he left and he will be playing for a team that wants to be champions. A lot of pressure and I am not totally convinced. Actually I have been surprised by Sheffield’s signings so far as I expected a far larger churn of players. Barasso did a great job getting them to respectability but my feeling was that it was his doing rather than the players yet they have re-signed a significant number of the squad that underperformed in 18/19. Not sure what the thinking is in Steelerland....


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