Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2018/2019


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In one of the worst kept secrets of the summer... Jackson and Brandon Whistle at the Steelers -

The article also confirms that they are losing Liam Kirk. While there is a lot of talk about an NHL draft, I couldn't see it reported anywhere as him definitely going until now.
I think he's projected to go 4th round, somewhere between 100-150;

My guess is that he's already had an offer from an OHL team and will spend 3 seasons there attending the NHL training camps hopeful to give the big time a shot.

Best of luck to the kid!
An incredible move for a Brit, and just what he will need to improve for next years worlds! I hope he makes it through an entire season there. A big loss for the Steelers for sure. Good luck to the guy.
Huge move for him, GB Hockey and the Eihl.

Sheffield did do a lot of press coverage on signing Jordan Griffin today. Thommo has a lot of faults but his handling and development of Kirk was spot on. If he can replicate that then it might not be all bad... unless Griffin develops, performs and then moves to North America, then it's pretty bad.


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Massive congrats to Ben, what an achievement.

I can only guess that this is based off his WC performance - in which case i fear for our own Ben Bowns, as KHL is the best in Europe & bowns/o'connor were outstanding.

We know Bowns is potentially looking to try it on the continent at some point, and if a DEL/SHL/Liiga/NLA offer comes along, who's to say that this isn't the year.

This is going to sound unjust, i wish O'Connor all the best, but in such a high calibre league I do think Sheffield will see him back at some point this season.