Confirmed Signings (& some departures) - All Teams 2018/2019


The way their fans feel about Thommo and Jerry I suspect they are happy they are at least 1/2 way there with getting rid of coaches :)
News not really worth the big twitter build up...
Thought they'd bring in a big signing to win back the fans.
Don't really get why teams announce they are going to make an announcement? Just make the bloody announcement when they're ready!

No reason to tell everyone, just announce it so annoying lol.


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Not suprised Anderson is going. Another casualty. Steelers' Scandanavian recruitment didn't really work. The successful teams this year have been with predominantly North American imports on the roster.


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A good signing for Panthers I’d say. No doubt he will bring in a few players who he is familiar with and who have more than likely played at a level above the EIHL . Will probably also tend to play a more European style system, whether that will be the answer in our league is debatable. If I was a Panthers fan I’d think it was a good step in the right direction, a club as big as they are need to keep their fans happy and there has been a lot of unrest over the past few seasons with lack of success and trophies. The main way to keep fans happy of course is to win major trophies, it will be quite a challenge for him.
He has a great pedigree but his career suggests it is on the way downards.
He says he likes to play speed and size in an agressive style.
UK fans should like him.


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Top signing for the Clan, and a clever move by Russell making him Captain, Clan fans loved him before, and will love him again. I think Peter Russell will do a great job at Braehead, he is a local lad and that local passion will come through. Fitzgerald will certainly put bums on seats, just a shame we won’t see him down here as much, as he is certainly entertaining.