Champions league away games?

Thursdays match is not being screened on either free sports or Premier Sports. Saturdays match will be on Freesports at 6.10pm. Hopefully they will change their minds and screen the Thursday match.


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The CHL App has Livestream via YouTube. Geoblocked when there’s a UK broadcast, but might be a straightforward option for any game not being shown here.


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Do anyone know if these games will be shown live on freesport?
My EPG shows only the Graz game next Saturday showing live with Mountfield showing at 2pm on Friday
BUT Freesport are prone to change so fingers crossed for Thursday's game being live


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Aaron Murphy announced during tonight's game that our match on Thursday overlaps with Belfast's (5pm start for us and 6.45pm start for them) so the powers that be at FreeSports will decide which is shown live and which is delayed.
So there will be CHL on FreeSports this Thursday after all.

You'd hope that the YouTube stream isn't blocked if FreeSports aren't showing it live.
Only fair innit ?
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