Can anyone stop Belfast?

Where are you tonight dude, tonight’s result emphasis is what I was talking about, you were second best again,
2nd best again? won 1 lost 1.....sounds like it was split to any normal person...…...just like you were 2nd best to Dundee...….we took 1 less point than Devils
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I genuinely believe Belfast will finish 3rd or 4th come spring. They should enjoy themselves while they can..
I can't see them finishing outside the top two.
They were arguably the 2nd best team last season but inconsistent netminding, inexperience from Keefe and injuries towards the end of the season saw them slip out of contention and down the table.
Can't see them doing that again. Giants will be fighting for the league title all the way.

Rob Batch

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I feel that, sooner or later, Belfast will have tickets for a front seat ride on the proverbial roller-coaster. This season is high in drama already, both on and off the ice. As long as we win the league I'm happy for Belfast to come second.:)


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I have the tickets here and it’s 5pm.

Think it’s to allow Belfast to get back from Guildford with flight times.

Their normal face off time is 4pm. 20 of us over as far as I know. I live here so an easy trip for me and a few beers with no work Monday.