Bracknell closed


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What a great shame, wasn’t the the best place to watch hockey but brings back some good memories.
When I used to do my bit in the match programme they were always the nicest club to deal with in seeing up interviews and the like. Given what we went through in Cardiff I can only feel sorry for all of the skaters and fans affected by this. Also, let's not forget that our own Mr kelman is a one time bee.


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i use to love going to Bracknell away games . back in the day.
i hope the bees find a new home.
from what i understand Bracknell sports complex and the ice slope was very run down. also which doesn't help
i know its the pandemic that put the nail in the coffin
new investment will be hard to find these days . for a new home. ice hockey needs the bees. hopefully, you will get through this and one day you get in the top flight .