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Would be interested to hear folks thoughts on this one.

Throughout your time watching ice hockey in the U.K. (whether that be the Heineken era, ISL or EIHL), name your 1 (and one only) favourite Forward, Defenseman and Netminder.

Only 1 from each category and no honourable mentions. I’m still considering mine (it’s tough when you can only name one)!


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FORWARD.. Ivan matulik......DEFENCE..kip noble...NETMINDER...Ben bowns...and best AGITATOR goes to Vezio sacratini...thought i would add an extra category..


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Forward - Rick Fera (one for the oldies).
Defence - Neal Martin (keep Wagstaff happy).
Netminder - Derek Herlofsky.
Agitator - Tommy Plommer (hated typing that). He had such a punchable face :)
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