BBC WALES Sports team of the year


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What an honour. Utterly awesome. Just seen TK on BBC Wales news accepting the award for the Club. Cardiff Devils are on the map (especially in such a rugby/soccer dominated country)...and Todd rocks a dickie bow!
We are fortunate to have some of the Welsh media who support us.
Wyn Evans and Steve James amongst them with Ruth and Andrea from ITV also.
BBC Wales sports are obsessed with rugby so difficult to get a look in so well done and thanks to our supporters.


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That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Todd Kelman look nervous - it must’ve been a big deal!!!!

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Absolutely superb achievement.

Makes you sit back and think of how far we've come, could anyone imagine Pope and Ragan collecting an award on that stage?

And the award went for our on ice achievements. If you look at the past 12 months we've done some truly amazing things off ice too; all the things for Scott Matzka, you can play/pride game, school/community work, Richie's testimonial, investment in juniors and 97% average attendance. Brilliant work.
More publicity means more potential for the sport within the UK. The Devils can be an amazing club, but if the sport remains niche it means nothing. If all clubs continue to improve it will inevitably bring change to the way the league is run.

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