Are Steelers a threat ( For those who reckon so)


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In no particular comparison.
Tanner Eberle. Joey Haddad.
Eric Meland. Matt Pope.
Anthony Deluca. Stephen Dixon.
Michael Davies. Sean Bentivoglio.
Jonathon Phillips. Josh Batch.
Cole Shudra. Sam Duggan.
Martin St Pierre. Charles Linglet.
Nikolai lemtyugov. Masi Marjamäki.
Brendan Connolly. Mike McNamee.
Robert Dowd. Matt Myers.
Marco Vallerand. Joey Martin.
John Armstrong. Blair Riley.
Kieran Brown. Toms Rutkis.

Aaron Brocklehurst. Gleason Fournier.
Jonas Liwing. Sam Jardine.
James Bettauer. Sean McMonagle.
Davey Phillips. Bryce Reddick.
Aaron Johnson. Mark Louis.
Ben O’Connor. Mark Richardson.

Okay guys what’s your views, is this the year of the Steelers, how amazing do they look. Myself they may take 3rd place, big upgrade on their last few teams, but myself their still behind ourselves, and the Giants. Fill your boots.
Happy Hockey Days.

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Not much in it IMO.

On paper they are as strong as us, but some of their signings may be duds, some of ours too, but they have more risk in that roster. I think they have a lot more goals in them than us, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better.


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Watched the webcast, it was a pretty crappy game, got a bit feisty at times. Steelers looked okay St Pierre didn’t play, he had a niggle after training. They play again tomorrow, too early to really tell how good anyone is.