Any updates on our Devils players in Europe


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Gleason Fournier's club, Bolzano, has won the regular season, and qualifies for the CHL next season.
Great for Gleason but not sure if his team will be in the CHL next season as this season CHL was postponed , so surely thats got to be arranged before another one takes place, maybe wrong on this though..


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Apparently the league Joey Martin is playing in will soon restart apparently. Is Joey still in Norway? Will he continue the season for Stavanger Oilers?
It's conceivable that I'm just a moron, but can someone please explain to me in simple terms what on earth the 'Ben Bowns - Austria' section of the Devils provided update ( actually means?

The regular season is over for them, but they are trying to get into playoffs and are 1W 1L..but they had 4 bonus points?! Do the bonus points mean they are really likely to be one of the 3 which go through or do all teams get bonus points?!

Finally, does anyone know if the new coach has kept Ben as the starting netminder? The article alludes to it, but I am concerned that the change of coach could affect Ben's place as a starter.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I really enjoyed reading the update, but was left bamboozled by the Bownsy section.